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ALLSTATE INSURANCE SUCKS!!!! Sorry for a rant but sometimes you have no choice…

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I know, I know…but this is my format and my vehicle for getting my opinion out, so I will use it when I can.


Take one second, just one second, and imagine that you were the driver of this car. Imagine also that your 69 year old mother was in said car with you, you look in your rear view mirror just in time to see the person who is flying up behind you looking up from their phone. The next thing you know, you are in a daze, you don’t know if you are injured, you don’t know if your mother is alive or dead, you can’t breathe because all 8 of the airbags have gone off and the dust in the air has caused you to have an asthma attack. There is blood and you don’t know where it has come from. You can’t open the door to your car to get out, you don’t even know how many vehicles were involved in this accident.

Then after the irresponsible driver has driven away, and the police have left, you have to wait on the side of the road for a tow truck for two hours. Your life is put on hold for monthsbecause you are in pain and can’t do the normal things you have been doing, like continuing on your weight loss journey and only being able to do modified workouts for months because of the severe pain in your shoulder. You go to the doctor, you go to the chiropractor, you go to physical therapy only to be told 4 months after the accident that you are probably going to have residual pain the rest of your life. Nearly ten months after the accident, you are still not back to where you were physically and you are still terrified of being on the freeway, and avoid driving it as much as possible. Not just as a driver, but you also freak out as a passenger. You have had to pull over in tears just to get home from work if traffic has been too bad.

Then imagine that the insurance company that you have been with for 20 years is also the insurance company of the irresponsible driver who hit you. So you think that you can trust them, only to be lied to by an adjuster. At that point you decide to protect yourself, cover your butt and only deal with the adjusters in writing via email. But then you are faced with incompetent people who don’t understand the concept of “Reply All” and email only. You keep getting voicemails, you finally have to demand a new adjuster, and then a third because the second one can’t even answer an email in 2 business days. And to add insult to injury, the person who is supposed to be your adjuster has not communicated with you at all since sending you the police report two months after the accident, even though they are included on every email. And here you thought this person was supposed to be sticking up for you during the process.
Months go by, nearly 10 at this point, and you just want to get this settled. and are offered a settlement amount of $4,000. As this is ridiculous, you shoot back an offer that is equally ridiculous of $350,000 knowing full well that is ridiculous and completely unrealistic. Their response? An additional $1,000.  So you respond back with a compromise offer of $100,00 only to be told that they will not budge at all, and you realize that you are the one who is supposed to bend over and just take it because as much as you thought you might be a valued customer, you are really just a number to be reduced as much as possible.
So let’s break this down:you are in an accident, you are in a daze and are unsure if your mother is alive or dead,  you had to spend 2 hours on the side of the road because some idiot was texting and totaled your car, you are lied to by one of the insurance adjusters immediately following the accident, you are likely to have intermittent pain in your shoulder the rest of your life, you have what would most likely be categorized as PTSD if you had the time to go to therapy, and you have had absolutely no one at your insurance company sticking up for you throughout the entire process – but all of that only amounts to $5,000 in the eyes of Allstate.

Good hands? Not at all – those “good hands” might as well give you a black eye, and walk away laughing. Those good hands are there to slap you across the face and look out for one thing, Allstate’s bottom line.

Those good hands are more like an abusive spouse/significant other/employer who knows you are stuck and can’t get out of the relationship.
Oh, and your “agent” has sent you a form letter once through all of this – great service, good hands? NOT
Seriously people, Allstate is not the insurance company you want to do business with.

One thought on “ALLSTATE INSURANCE SUCKS!!!! Sorry for a rant but sometimes you have no choice…

  1. This is when you have to get a lawyer and sue.

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