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Me? An Inspiration?

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I keep being told that I am an inspiration and that my fitness journey inspires people. And that’s great I guess, but I don’t know that I deserve that many accolades. When I think of someone who inspires me, it’s not a 40 something year old wife and mom who managed to let herself become obese and decided to change the course of her life. Someone who changes other peoples lives, and works for the greater good of the world, now that’s an inspiration.

But it keeps coming up – random Facebook messages from people who have seen my posts, or who have seen my before/after pics there. I have people at the gym telling me they joined because of me. It’s one thing when it’s a friend of mine, but still a little odd coming from a stranger. I really don’t know what to think about it, I know it’s a compliment, but I am still not sure I deserve it.


before and after

My before and after pics – or should I say before and during 😉

And to be honest, every person I see at the gym or when I do a run inspires me, because they are all out there, doing something to make their lives better. Making that decision is not easy, so I congratulate, respect and admire everyone who takes time out of their busy lives to make time for their health.

I was told today that if nothing else, I was an inspiration to the old me – that 40 something year old obese wife and mom who suddenly turned around and had gained 100 pounds since high school – and If my story can inspire people, that is great! I hope that it inspires them to make the mental decision to make their lives better. I still question whether or not I am deserving of the title “inspiration” but if my story helps one person make the choice to change their own lives, then I will wear that mantle.

Perhaps I am looking at inspiration the wrong way. Maybe inspiring one person is just as important as inspiring the world, maybe by inspiring one person, it will change someone’s life and work towards the greater good of the world. I never set out to change the life of anyone but me, but if someone else is happier and healthier because of me, that is a good thing right?

FullSizeRender 2

I don’t know if I will ever be comfortable being labeled an inspiration – I am just a woman on a mission in my head.  Maybe I need to add proving to other people that anyone can do this to my list of things I want to accomplish on this journey, that and feeling comfortable in a bathing suit on vacation 😉


One thought on “Me? An Inspiration?

  1. You are an inspiration! You did it! You put in the work! Be proud! Your so sweet, I think it’s hard for you to accept because your so humble. Love this, love your story, love Sweatmood and l just love our crazy fun, motivational trainers!!!

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