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When frustration kicks in

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Ever just have one of those days where you just feel frustrated? You can’t even put your finger on one particular thing, but everything little thingis adding up to major frustration? Welcome to my world today…

I still haven’t hit my goal weight, I have only lost 4 pounds in the past two and a half months. Yes, hitting a plateau is normal, but I am tired of hitting this brick wall. I have been within the same half pound for the last month, going to try changing my calorie intake, and hopefully that will work, but I think the modified workouts from the accident may be part of the problem too, and I can’t do anything about that yet.

And that’s another thing, being injured because some idiot was texting while driving really pisses me off. This is not my fault, but I am the one paying the price. I am so worried that all of the progress I have made will go away, so far I haven’t gained any weight back, but what about muscle tone and baby steps I have made on doing push ups and planks? Will my arms get flabby again because I can’t lift the weights I was lifting? Crap! Add dealing with idiotic insurance adjusters to the mix, and the whole situation just pisses me off! The girl that hit me pulled into the gym parking lot one night to pick up a pizza next door, she was lucky and I stayed inside the gym until she was gone, the way I feel today, if I saw her, she might not get off as easy…


I wish those were the only things that were bothering me, the weight I can work on, the injury I can’t control, I can  only listen to my doctor’s, physical therapists, chiropractor and my body. I can rationalize those things, but it still is frustrating.

Overall, today is just a day to be frustrated. I need to take a few deep breaths, take a walk at lunchtime, and take all of my frustration out on the gym floor tonight. There are some things I can change, some I can’t and some I am just gonna have to learn to live with. And adopt this as my new motto. 

And sometimes, you just need to write it all out to get it out of your head… Thanks for letting me publicly vent…


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